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Monday mornings, 9-10am (The ISSS is closed for staff meeting each week.)
Friday mornings, 11am-Noon (The ISSS is closed for staff training each week.)

New Vacation Policy

In response to guidance from U.S. immigration authorities, the University is required to make a change to the vacation semester policy for F-1 visa holders.  Beginning Fall 2017, vacation semesters will automatically be granted to all students during the SUMMER semesters. Students will no longer be eligible for a vacation semester during the Fall or Spring semesters.

Continuing students who have planned to take a vacation semester in the Spring 2017 or Summer 2017 semester may still submit a vacation request for those semesters if they meet the qualifications.  Beginning Fall 2017 all students must enroll full time, unless they have an approved exception from ISSS.  Vacation semesters will automatically be applied for all qualifying students in Summer 2018.

Please NOTE the following important changes to the Vacation Semester Policy:

  • Students will no longer need to submit vacation requests to ISSS, but will instead be automatically granted vacation in the summer
  • Students may still choose to take full time courses in the summer if they wish
  • Students may no longer request to be below full time for the purpose of a vacation in the Spring or Fall semester
  • Students may still choose to take courses at another university during their summer semester as long as they request a letter to attend another school from ISSS
  • Students will NOT be allowed to participate in Full-time CPT or on campus work during Spring or Fall semesters (unless during official university breaks such as Spring break or Fall break). Students MAY participate in Full-time CPT or on campus work during their summer vacation semester

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, beginning Fall 2017, the Vacation Request e-form will no longer be available. Students will no longer need to request a vacation, but instead will be automatically granted a vacation in the Summer semesters.

You may still choose to work during Fall 2017, however, it must be only part time and you must be enrolled in credits full time.

Yes, you can choose to take full time credits during your summer semester and also are eligible to work full-time during that Summer semester. Please make sure you request permission for employment (On-Campus Work Authorization or CPT) and receive approval prior to working.

All students are eligible to apply to work full-time during the Summer vacation semester. Students who have part-time work authorization during the Spring and Fall semesters may work full-time only during official university breaks (such as Spring break, or Fall break.)

No, although all students are granted a Summer vacation, there must be an intent to be enrolled the next semester. If the next semester is the student’s last semester, they can apply to receive permission to be below full-time in their last semester by submitting the Last Semester e-form.

Yes, you may choose to take courses at another university while on your vacation semester, provided that you are eligible to take those courses and that you intend to register for the next semester at the University of Utah. You must submit a Letter to Attend Another School E-form prior to attending courses at another school.
Yes, you may choose to stay in the U.S. or leave the country during your vacation semester. If you are traveling, please make sure you receive a travel signature prior to traveling and travel with the necessary valid documents (I-20, passport, visa.)

As a new student in Spring, you must be full time in Spring, the next semester (Summer) will be your vacation semester, then you must be full-time in the Fall semester. You will not be eligible for another vacation semester until the next Summer.

As a new student in the Summer, your first semester, even though it is Summer, must be full time. You must then be full-time in the Fall and Spring before being eligible for a vacation semester the next Summer.

Your last semester cannot be a summer vacation semester. All students are required to fill out a Last Semester Notification e-form and submit it to ISSS prior to, or at the beginning (first 15 days) of your last semester.  You are, however, allowed to be below full time credits (minimum 1 credit) in your last semester and will receive approval for this once you have submitted your Last semester form. You may only receive authorization to work part-time in your last semester.

For more detailed information on the new vacation policy, please see our policy form at:

New USCIS Application Fee Changes

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is adjusting the fee schedule for immigration and naturalization benefit requests processed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Under this final rule, DHS will increase fees by a weighted average of 21 percent.

This rule is effective December 23, 2016. Applications or petitions mailed, postmarked, or otherwise filed on or after December 23, 2016 must include this new fee.

Please NOTE the following important changes for students applying for the following through USCIS.

Application New Cost
F-1 OPT $410
F-1 STEM OPT $410
Change of Status $37
F-1 Reinstatement $370

For more detailed information and breakdown of these new fees, plus other fees regarding immigration and naturalization benefits, please visit:

Will you TRAVEL outside the US over Winter Break?

You may need a travel signature on your I-20 or DS-2019! If our last signature on your document was more than 6 months ago, you must get your documents signed again for travel.

Please check to make sure your other immigration documents are in order (valid passport and visa).

Signatures take 24 hours to process, so please plan ahead!

Anonymous Support Survey

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The ISSS has two wonderful opportunities for students to get involved with new/incoming international students.

  • International Ambassador Program
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